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What is a Mason Cask?

Mason Casks are a way to truly Oak-age and flavour spirits in a small volume. They are quarter-sawn White American Oak caps for Mason Jars that have been toasted and charred just like real casks for a result that actually works just like real casks.

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How Mason Casks Work

Real Whiskey Casks “breathe” in an out as the temperature changes throughout the day. These pressure changes inside the cask force the spirit into and out of the wood, filtering out impurities and extracting flavourants from the oak. To get the same effect that actually works in a small volume requires 3 principles:

1: The spirit needs to interact with the wood and a small amount of air to achieve breathing

2: The amount of wood surface area to volume of spirit needs to be similar to real casks

3: The wood must be toasted and charred Oak as used full-size casks

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How do I get a Mason Cask?


Mason Casks have not officially launched yet but will be available later in 2019. For more information please use the contact form and I will be happy to discuss any questions you have about Mason Casks!


How do I use my Mason Cask?

Click on the Image to download instructions on how to use your Mason Cask!

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